Where Is The Best Place To Store My Makeup?

If you’re like us here at On Gloss, then you’ve got more makeup than you know what to do with! That’s the problem with being a beauty addict, there is just no way we can properly store all of the incredible products that we just love to collect. So, with a crisis starting to develop at On Gloss, we decided to look into the best ways to store our makeup to make sure they kept they’re quality. Here are all of the hints we could find!

Keeping Your Makeup In The Dark

Now we aren’t telling you to keep your makeup in a pitch dark room at all times. After all, how would you ever see yourself in the mirror when applying it? But, we are suggesting that you don’t expose all of your products to a lot of sunlight. This will, of course, heat up all of your product and start to make them completely unusable. Lipstick will melt, the lotion will become too thin and powders will become too, well, powdery!


So, if you are lucky enough to be in a room that is hit with the sun all year round, then make sure to either keep your makeup in a drawer, cabinet or box of some sort. You’ll also have to keep an eye on what color your makeup packaging is if that is the case. This sounds like being too careful, but white colored packaging will be more susceptible to heat. This is because they will naturally absorb the heat from the sunlight. On the other hand, makeup with black packaging will be affected less, as black will reflect the heat, rather than absorb.


Don’t Store Your Makeup In The Bathroom!

Whatever you do, don’t store your favorite makeup products in the bathroom! The bathroom is a commonplace to store your makeup, particularly if you’re not blessed with room around your dressing area. But, this could end up doing long term damage to your favorite products. In particular, when you have a hot and steamy bath or shower, the steam will sit on top of most products and slowly ruin it. Although you may not see an effect immediately, keeping makeup in the bathroom for extended periods will have negative effects.


It’s not just makeup that needs to be kept out of the bathroom. Even makeup tools like a beauty blender or your favorite makeup brushes should be kept somewhere where they won’t be affected by steam. Rather than the damp ruining the product indirectly, your tools will instead be ruined by mold. That’s right, any bit of dirt left on your tools after use will immediately start to spread when left in a hot and humid environment. In anything that should be a sign that you need to clean your tools after every use, just in case! You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting the tools and makeup that you have been saving up to buy.


Have You Got Any Room In The Fridge?

This might sound ridiculous to start with, but hear us out! Keeping your makeup in the fridge is a sure-fire way to extend the life cycle of a product. The way to find out which of your products would be best suited in the fridge is to check the ingredients list. If you manage to spot either retinol or Vitamin-C, then the fridge is best! For those specific products, you will definitely see an improvement in the quality and how long they are lasting.

They aren’t the only products that could benefit from a quick cooldown, however. I’m sure we’ve all been out in the sun too long and noticed that our lipstick has started to melt? Well, if it happens again, rather than throwing it away, put it in the fridge and watch as the normal shape returns. Another product is nail polish. If you notice you are getting too many clumps in your polish, then a few hours in the fridge will help out. Simply place them in the fridge and once they are cool, give them a shake and you’ll notice those clumps fade away. One final trick is too put all of your makeup in the fridge on a warm summer’s day. Why? Well, when you start to apply to your face, you’ll notice just how cool it is on your skin and you’ll automatically feel cooler out in the summer sun.

Don’t Keep Makeup Too Cold Though

If you are going to start keeping some products in the fridge, then make sure not to keep them in there for too long. See, just like heat will have a bad effect on your product, so will extreme cold. That doesn’t completely disregard our previous point, as a few hours of cold will still do most products good. Just don’t expose them to that sort of temperature for too long. Products like lotions will immediately start to freeze and once that happens, they will become unusable – even if they manage to melt once put in a hotter environment.


This is also a key tip if you live in a cold country, or somewhere with some very cold winters. Make sure not to leave your makeup products on a windowsill, as the cold coming off the window will immediately start to transfer over to all of your products. It’s not just the windowsill if you have begun storing makeup in your garage, or even your basement, then they will need to be moved for the coldest of months.


Well, there you have that! Will those tips help you out when organizing your makeup the next time? We certainly hope so and we know that we have already seen a big difference in our personal collection. If you have any other methods of storing all of your makeup, please let us know in the comments, we could always use the inspiration for the next time we go on a shopping spree!

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